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What is CARSER?
CARSER is a practical multitasking APP by nature.
By substance, it is an integrated B2B and B2C business system platform designed for the automotive workshops industries that encompass sectors of tyres,  batteries, motorcycles, accessories, etc. There are three types of APPs under this platform namely CARSER ADMIN APP, CARSER SA APP for the Merchants, and CARSER MEMBERS APP for the customers respectively.

CARSER 本质上是一个
专为汽修行业创建的 B2B 和 B2C 业务的整合系统平台,涵盖轮胎、电池、摩托车、配件等领域. 该平台设有三种APP,分别是供商家使用的CARSER ADMIN APP、CARSER SA APP ,以及供客户使用的CARSER MEMBERS APP

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